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Sender Vodur
Date Tue May 14 16:34:18 2013
To all
Subject The {rrune overlord{x
The streets of Bastion rumble with the growl of the {rrune overlord{x as he steps through the gates into the city. Stomping behind the demon are 3 of his {rrune champions{x. The four resolutely make their way to the Palace Square and establish themselves in the center. There is a pause for a moment, then the overlord opens its demonic maw. Along with an odorous green smoke comes a shout that shakes the walls of the city and is heard across the land: "{rPeople of Aarchon, I first sent my hounds to subdue you, and when there was resistance I sent my elders. Now I understand that your realm is full of worthy adversaries. I have gathered my 15 greatest champions and challenge you to defeat them with your 15 greatest champions. In our realm we fight in groups of three and so this is my challenge. Five fights, 3 vs 3. If you have more victories than my champions then we will leave your realm. If we are victorious, you will become food for my hounds and playthings for my champions! If you do not meet my challenge, the fate will be much worse... If you are courageous enough to take this challenge, make it known on the Quest Board!{x"