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Sender Shinsetsu
Date Wed May 25 23:53:45 2022
To all
Subject Selfish proposals
Highest level dagger for disease or energy i can find are 90. We already have alot of good daggers though. High leveled sword for disease/sound is.. 35/60, wouldn't mind a 96 alternative. Guns could also use more damage type range, but admittedly that's only used by one class. Logically speaking though, the wise man should probably give somthing anti demon, like light or holy damage. In which case, there is a high level light damage sword, but it's from the teleport shop apparently, so abit awkward. Preferably fighter focused. We do have fewer caster based weapons, but at the same time casters only really want 1 good one for stats, and damage type is jsut a bonus.